3 Important Things to Remember When Hiring a Crane

When you are looking for a crane hire company in your area, you should only settle for the best. Do not rush the process and hire from the first business you encounter, do your homework to ensure you find a first-class crane hire company. When choosing between crane hire companies, make sure to consider all of the following.

  1. Scope of Operations

When hiring machinery such as cranes, it is best to visit the company in person to see what kind of products they have on offer. Many people make the mistake of hiring a crane online without actually visiting the site. Even if you are in a rush, you should never hire a crane for any project straight off a website, unless you have received great recommendations.

When selecting mobile crane hire in Perth, it is important to visit the site to evaluate the company’s scope of operations. This gives you a much better idea of how well the company looks after their equipment and the type of cranes they house.

  1. Who Owns the Equipment?

It is always best to hire a crane from a company who owns their inventory. The reason for this is simple, if they do not own their equipment and most of it is sub-hired, you could be left waiting while they try to secure more cranes for their clients.

An active crane hire company will have a sizeable fleet of cranes and this will include a variety of crane hire machines. Even during busy periods, they will still have cranes available for hire.

  1. Professional Service Team

In most circumstances, cranes are hired for longer periods up until a project has finished and they are no longer needed. During this period, the crane will need maintenance or maybe even repair. When you are in the middle of a project that has a tight deadline, you do not want any delays because of maintenance or repair.

This is where is first-class service team comes in. An in-house service team will ensure that the crane functions properly every day without any problems. If an issue arises, the crane will be replaced immediately with a new one.

When you are looking for a crane hire company in your area, make sure you work with the best possible provider. They should have strong references that show they provide a high-quality service. To find recommendations, talk to others in the construction and logistics industry to see if they can provide any assistance.

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