6 Major Differences Between Wall Decals and Wall Stickers 

Are you looking for ways to revamp your space in 2022? Wall stickers, self adhesive wallpapers and wall decals are gaining popularity in 2022 and we are here for it. They add character, personality and drama to your space and bring life into your space. The best part is that you can decorate your space on a shoestring budget with them.

Though often wall stickers and decals are used interchangeably, a true interior design fanatic knows that there is a difference between wall stickers and wall decals. Intrigued to know the difference between these two? We won’t disappoint you. Read along to find out 6 major differences between wall stickers and wall decals.

Wall stickers 

Wall stickers are adhesive products that have backing paper behind them. You must peel off the backing paper and stick the wall sticker wherever you want. Wall stickers are typically made of PVC-vinyl or polyester. They are thick and get peeled off easily. However, they might leave marks on the wall when you try to remove them. A pro tip is to buy wall sticker samples and observe them throughout the day to see how they appear in light as they reflect light and might appear highly glossy.

Wall Decals 

Wall decals comprise of three parts- a backing paper, the sticker and a transfer surface on top. They are thin and are generally made of PVC- vinyl. Wall decals often come in separate parts. Having said that, they are easy to install as the transfer surface ensures that you don’t get confused while installing them as the wall designs are spaced exactly how you will be installing them on the walls. Since they are thin, they look more natural and blend well on the walls.

Difference between Wall Stickers and Wall Decals 


Wall stickers are smaller in size and they are generally applied to smaller objects like laptops, refrigerator front or kitchen appliances. Decals on walls are larger and are applied on larger surfaces like floors, walls, windows and doors.


You can transfer wall decals from one surface to another and reuse them. This makes them sustainable and environmentally friendly. On the other hand, you cannot transfer wall stickers once you have installed them on a surface.


Decals on walls last longer than wall stickers and they can be reused. This makes them ideal permanent decorations. Wall stickers are great if you want to follow your whims and try something trendy that you can remove once you are bored of it.


Wall stickers are easy to install and you can even include your kids to help you install them on surfaces around your house. Whereas, installing decals on walls can get tricky especially if you are doing it for the first time. However, with patience and some research, you will be able to install wall decals at home.


Wall decals look rich and elegant compared to wall stickers. This is because the wall decals blend well on the walls and appear cohesive with the overall décor of a room. Wall stickers can look tacky and out of place if you don’t install them correctly. A pro tip is to make sure that the wall designs match the theme of your room and to not overuse them.


It is observed that wall stickers may fade over time whereas wall decals are fade-resistant and appear fresh as new even after many years. This means that if you are looking for something that will last you longer, then don’t hesitate and install wall decals in your home.

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