A list of things you can do on a banking app you didn’t know about

People’s dependence on smartphones and mobile applications has forced every business sector, especially the banking sector, to go online. Mobile apps have revolutionized the banking industry. You don’t need to visit a bank to open a savings bank account, apply for a loan, and make investments. With a banking app, you can do a list of digital banking activities anywhere, anytime.

A survey conducted in 2020 showed that only 31 percent of people used mobile banking apps in India. Nevertheless, more and more people are expected to use these apps in the future as the number of smartphone users is increasing. IDFC FIRST Bank helps you have a personalized mobile banking experience through its banking app. Being one of the top banking apps, it helps you do the following:

  • Cashless money transfer

Digital payments in India are growing at a faster pace reaching 44 billion dollars in 2021. Such is the acceptance of payment apps by the smartphone users. With the IDFC FIRST Bank mobile app, you can transfer funds through payment methods like NEFT, RTGS, IMPS, and UPI BHIM app. They allow you to carry out online money transfers or payments by adding a beneficiary from one bank account to another.

The QuickPay option helps you to pay your utility bills instantly or schedule it for the future. Then, you can also use the Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS) to pay your bills at standard charges receiving instant confirmation. To pay toll charges, parking fees, and fuel, you can use the FIRSTForward FASTag.

  • Linking all your bank accounts

Most app users prefer checking their account balances on the go. The mobile banking app from IDFC FIRST Bank gives you an option to link all your bank accounts on a single platform. This bank account check app will help you have a quick overview of your various bank balances on the same page. You can thus manage your accounts and money through inter-bank online transfers.

  • Advanced security

Mobile banking apps are built to have advanced security features. The IDFC FIRST Bank mobile banking app goes beyond signing with a password or a PIN. The multi-factor authentication requires you to undergo two or more verification factors to log onto your account. They include your registered mobile number, Internet-banking login credentials that you receive when you open an account with a bank, and the OTP number.

The other popular advanced security solution is setting up biometrics, like face recognition or fingerprint.

  • Easy money management

The smart filters on the IDFC FIRST Bank mobile app helps you to categorise your transactions based on the description and mode of payment. They help you to generate and view your bank mini statement and analyse it using the income and expenses analyser. The smart analysing tool on the app helps you invest your excess money in the savings accounts in mutual funds, gold bonds and equity.

  • Notifications

The Internet banking app helps you have access to banking services anytime and anywhere. You can set up alerts and receive notifications for every transaction you carry out on the app.

  • Excellent customer support

A banking app’s success depends on the personalized service it offers to the customers. When there are issues, they are solved immediately through any of the communication means such as a phone, email, or chat. The AI chatbots also help you get answers to your queries instantly.

You can do all the above things and more on the IDFC FIRST Bank mobile app. To know more download the app now.

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