Bets on fouls: advantages of this type of betting on statistics

Football is the leading betting discipline in the world of sports betting. With such a variety of tournaments and variations of bets, it is difficult to compete with any other sports discipline.

Some bettors choose classic betting options, but many want to diversify the game, such as betting on statistics. Reacting to this trend, the cappers are trying to make football predictions more detailed and consider different variants of the outcome of the event. Such information can help the bettor win by placing bets on different stats. Many players decide to bet on fouls.

Foul: what is it?

In soccer, a foul is any violation of the rules that leads to a temporary stoppage of play and penalties (up to suspension of a certain player). Among the common violations are: playing with hands, backing up and offside.

Often teams deliberately use minor infractions to stop the rapid attack of the opponent. For such actions the referees usually do not impose special sanctions. This also concerns accidental fouls. For example, these include a collision between players in the air, when they kick the ball, but do not get in each other’s field of vision.

A yellow card is given for more serious violations. The referee may suspend a player for foul play, causing injury or a so-called “last resort foul”. This is a situation where a striker goes one-on-one with the goalkeeper or runs towards an empty net, but he is prevented from scoring in this position.

Types of bets on fouls

Many bookmakers accept bets on fouls in different variations. Among them, there are bets on:

  • Many bookmakers accept bets on fouls in different variations. Among them, there are bets on:
  • outcome (the player predicts which team will commit more fouls);
  • total (determine the total or individual result of clubs by fouls during the whole match or one half);
  • even/odd fouls total (only two variants – even or odd amount of fouls, it is not necessary to specify the exact numbers).

It is no coincidence that betting on fouls is particularly popular among betting on statistics: they are quite variable. For example, if we talk about betting on penalties, there is only one option. The bookmaker can offer to guess whether there will be a penalty or not. When betting on a suspension, in addition to the “yes/no” option, they can also provide the opportunity to bet on a clear number. A combined option – “penalty-removal” is possible, but this type of bet is quite rare. As a result, betting on fouls looks like an attractive option.

What should be considered when betting on fouls?

A competent approach increases the probability of high betting results. Choosing a bet on fouls, you should take into account:

  1. Level of teams that meet. If it is too different, the players of the weaker team may violate the rules more often to compensate for deficiencies in technique.
  2. Statistics on the number of violations. There are teams that play hard and regularly commit many infractions, leading to officiating penalties.
  3. Motivational factor. The higher the motivation to win, the greater the tension on the field, which can lead to more fouls.
  4. The referee and his standard tactics. If one referee almost always maintains maximum loyalty, allowing the struggle on the field to develop, then the second may immediately begin to “calm” sportsmen with yellow cards, penalties, suspensions.
  5. Relationships between the clubs. If there is a fundamental contradiction, the probability of an overly fierce struggle to win increases.

Betting is a game of chance, which allows you to feel vivid emotions and excitement, and sometimes even get a cash win. Careful analysis, attentiveness and knowledge increase the chances of winning, but do not guarantee it.

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