Bracelets- Styles, Looks and all you need to know

Ornaments have been popular in cultures around the globe since the advent of Civilization. People love ornaments and jewelry. With the evident rise of modernization and globalization, gender-neutral decorations are becoming more popular, with bracelets being one of the most popular forms. Bracelets are quite different from bangles despite being worn on the wrist. Bangles are commonly one piece of solid ornament to get around the wrist. Bracelets, on the contrary, contain clasps and thus can be opened. Also, bangles are majorly ladies’ jewelry, whereas bangles are gender-neutral and worn by both men and women.

Though they have shot into fashion in recent days, Bracelets are ancient in their origin, which traces back to Egyptian Civilization days about four millennia ago. Since their origin, bracelets have never gone out of being popular jewelry choices, and as a result, we today accept bracelets as one of the leading fashionable ornaments. Bracelets uniquely appeal to their users by providing numerous options and styles of bracelets. Today we bring to you few bracelet styles that are immensely popular nowadays, alongside giving a traditional, sophisticated yet smart look.

  1. Beaded Bracelets

Beaded bracelets have always been famous for their casual yet exciting outlook. Nowadays, they are observing increased popularity among men. Natural stone beads are the most commonly used beads. Giving a luxurious and smart view, they come at different price ranges with plenty of varieties to choose from. Beads of different colors or shapes can change the style senses. Because of their color varieties, they are easy to match with. They go well with a watch and are often worn in stacks.

  1. Couples Bracelet

Couples bracelets, as evident from the name, are made for couples. The Bracelet is targeted at long-distance relationships by providing a mutual symbol of couples’ love for each other irrespective of the material distance which separates them. Thus Couples Bracelets have surged in popularity with the increase in the frequency of long-distance relationships. The most common design is a switched bead, i.e., a bead from the partner’s Bracelet in the other partner’s Bracelet.

  1. Tennis bracelets

The name tennis bracelets seem a bit confusing due to their association with sports and correctly; thus, people wonder what are tennis bracelets. It is a skinny diamond embedded ladies’ bracelet getting its name from American tennis player Chris Evert, who always wore it. With their expensive and luxurious aspects, tennis bracelets are popular as gifts and have gotten brightly popular among women due to their smart and elegant outlook. In recent times, it is becoming increasingly popular as a substitute for engagement rings. Suppose you live in London and want to buy engagement ring London. Then, you can also consider a tennis bracelet as your proposing gift rather than a traditional engagement ring. The tennis bracelets, being more expensive, satisfying, gorgeous looking, and noticeable, can help you set up a perfect proposal event for you.


There you go!! Now having a comprehensive idea about bracelets, you can quickly help yourself choose an appropriate bracelet for you or for anyone else. Ranging from gifts to daily worn bracelets, you have it all under grasp. Always remember that being colorful and bright leads you to be fashionable.

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