Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Wardrobe Island

Walk-in wardrobes are one of the best wardrobe designs you can choose for your bedroom interior design. Besides offering plenty of storage, this closet design appears very appealing and luxurious. Hence, you use it to give your bedroom interior design a high-end look. However, there are a few crucial factors you will have to take into consideration while choosing. One of those factors is whether you should get a wardrobe island or not.

A wardrobe island is very similar to a kitchen island. It is positioned in the center of the room and used for extra storage space in most cases. You can install various storage solutions like drawers, cabinets, shelves, etc., for all your belongings. However, adding a closet island is not easy. You cannot just choose any closet island randomly. This will help to choose the right closet island. If you are planning to install a closet island, here are a few key things you should consider before that:

01 of 03 Think about the size of the wardrobe island

The first thing that should be considered before installing a closet island is the size of the closet island. Its size should be decided depending on the space available inside the closet and your storage requirements. As mentioned earlier, there are various types of storage solutions that can be chosen for the wardrobe island. You must decide the combination of drawers, cabinets, and shelves you need for storing your clothes and accessories. If you have extra free space left for installing additional storage solutions after all your items are stored, add a few more and shift all the items from your dresser to the closet island. As a result, you will be able to create additional free space in the bedroom interior design by getting rid of the dresser.

While installing drawers, you will have to carefully choose their sizes as well. The most popular width sizes for this purpose are 18, 24, and 30 inches, with a depth of 14, 16, and 22 inches. These sizes can accommodate almost all your accessories and will save you from the additional expenses required for creating custom-size drawer boxes. You do not have to be so particular while choosing your shelves. Depending on your requirements, you can choose the size. For privacy, you can install cabinet doors. However, leaving them open is a better idea if you want budget-friendly options. If the closet island is not spacious enough to accommodate drawers with a 14-inch depth on both sides, it is better to go for single-sided drawers instead of smaller drawers on either side. A shelf on the other side can help to increase storage space as well.

The wardrobe island height is crucial as well. In most cases, it is around 40 to 45 inches. However, the size can differ depending on how many storage solutions you are planning to install.

02 of 03 Sufficient free space should be available around the island

The size of the wardrobe island is important. You do not want it to be too big or too small. However, there is another crucial factor that requires your attention. You should always leave sufficient space around the closet island. This will help to ensure that people can move around in the closet freely. Also, the storage solution can be accessed easily. Otherwise, people might find the wardrobe design very inconvenient. Also, a person has to go around the closet island every time if one side of the closet does not have enough space for the smooth flow of traffic.

According to experts, the gap on all sides of the closet island should be at least 36 inches. Otherwise, people might not be able to walk freely or access all the storage solutions. Hence, you must only install a closet island when there is around an 8 feet gap from the centre to the walls of the wardrobe on either side.

03 of 03 Use a glamorous countertop to add style

Once you have the measurements of the wardrobe island figured out, you can finally focus on the style and appeal. You cannot ignore the style of the closet island, as it will influence the look of your entire walk-in wardrobe design. The countertop is certainly the most visible part of your closet island. There are many different options you can choose for adding style to your closet island countertop. From a modern and minimalist to a traditional and retro look, you can give it any look, depending on your preferences. Just make sure that you carefully choose the pattern, colour, texture, etc. If the countertop design does not match the closet island or the other elements in the walk-in wardrobe, the space may not appear stylish and luxurious.

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