How to Score Well in Class 10 Maths?

Maths is a common subject for nursery to Class 10 students. After 10th, the subject becomes elective or optional. Only the interested students can choose their preferred subject as Maths in Class 11. But till then, they have to learn the subject compulsorily. In our primary classes, we are usually taught with the basic concepts followed by simple calculations, such as arithmetic operations, number system, lines and angles, types of triangles, etc. Till class 8, the math concepts are easy to understand. But as students reach to Class 9 and 10 the level of Maths increases. Here, they will learn more complex forms of calculations and mathematical principles. So, it becomes difficult for them to score good marks in the exams. Therefore, we are here to provide you with some useful tips with which you can score high and improve your results.

Solve Sample Papers

Students should solve the sample papers or last five years question papers, to understand the question pattern and marking scheme. It will also help them to increase their problem-solving capabilities and maintain the speed in the main exam.

Don’t Miss the Classes

Students should make sure not to miss any maths class, taken by their teachers. Attend all the classes, as the complete syllabus is covered there and you can find it easy to clear your doubts with teachers if you have any issue to understand the concepts.

Write and Learn

Maths is a subject which cannot be memorized or learned verbally. But it has to be practised by solving the problems based on each and every concept. Use your notebook and pen to learn maths instead of reading it.

Mark the Important Topics

Students should try to learn with strategies and planning, to score in Maths. They should go through the syllabus prescribed by the board and encompass the important concepts or chapters such as sequences and series in Arithmetic Progression,  which have got great weightage in the exams. By planning their studies, it will be simpler for them to focus and learn.

Apart from all these tips, the most important tip is to keep yourself healthy, physically and mentally. Have 8 hours of sleep regularly and include fruits and green vegetables in your daily diet. Following all these points will help you to procure high-grade marks in 10th standard Maths exam.

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