Need Velcro Patches, Order Custom Velcro Patches Online

Velcro is a wonderful material to work with if one is looking to attaching things temporarily. It was invented by Swiss engineer George De Mestral, who got this idea after seeing a burdock seed being hooked to his shirt.

True to his observation, Velcro usually consists of two strips, both of which are sewn or glued onto two separate surfaces which are needed to be attached. One strip consists of tiny hooks while other consists of tiny loops and unsurprisingly when you bring those two surfaces in contact, the hooks latch on to the loops thus forming a bond.

As per the requirement, different strength of Velcro strips is available for purchase, which makes the already versatile Velcro even more versatile.

Application of Velcro

Velcro is sort of “Omnipresent”, present in shoes, bags, helmet straps, dog collars, shirts, neckties, banners, to hold up lights on the wall, to hang something upside down, etc. it even finds application in space missions and in the medical field.

What makes Velcro such an attractive option?

Velcro finds such vast application due to –

  • It attaches easily, to attach something just press one strip upon another and the work is done.
  • It detaches easily, to detach velcro just a firm pull is required and it is this application that makes it advantageous in space suits.
  • It can be used in extreme conditions where traditional binding methods fail, like in case of a snowstorm where a zipper would freeze, velcro would still work.

If one is looking for a way to “fix” things temporarily like attaching straps, attaching sheets over a wall, attaching decorative articles on your cloths, etc. He/she should seriously consider Velcro. As for where one can order Velcro strips there are many websites that offer custom velcro patches, where one can older Velcro strips according to the size, length, and width you require.

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