Pay Heed to these Web Design Hacks to Boost Your Business Significantly

Growing a business is a big deal. Your head is full of marketing strategies, product creation and growth plans. With so many trains of thoughts in head, it becomes easy deviating from the digital presence. However, this is how you can end up making a huge mistake.

A study claims that they found what actually makes a customer buy a product from any company. That very factor is trustworthiness. You need to make them feel safe and comfortable when they visit your online or offline store. A strong website design is very important to consider in order to establish trust. When you have an easy navigation, it creates a positive impact which makes them complete a transaction. You can have all the company transparency, solid products and great testimonials, but you also need to determine a base of trustworthiness as it is the most basic thing customers seek.

This article enlists some of the web design hacks you can integrate to boost your business whether you are using a website builder if you are not aware of how to create a website, or just by hiring a professional to do that for you.

  1. Video landing page

Integrating video in your website design is not a big deal. Everyone does that. But you don’t just embed any random or old YouTube video, rather you level up your website design by creating a video landing page. You can also redirect the video to a direct CTA to a specific webpage.

  1. Parallax scrolling

Surely digital experiences have made our lives rich, but it also leaves a negative impact. It renders people lazy. As a matter of fact, they become so lazy that they cannot even click on a button. This is where parallax scrolling comes to the rescue. This uneven scrolling has made lazy people engaged and is an attractive feature as well. This invention has also launched many deep scrolling and single page website designs that make the information overdone. But this also makes content prioritized for you so that you can manage and increase your likelihood of seeing everything.

  1. Animated CTA or Call to Action

CTAs are deemed a blessing and a curse in website design. Consumers don’t know what to act on unless you tell them explicitly. But this isn’t enough either. They respond to stimuli and instructions so you need to integrate a few action items. You can add a micro mini interaction or just a small effect to gain their attention.

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