The Differences Between Vaping And Smoking

Smoking is a nasty habit, and it can have many repercussions on your health, which is one reason why vaping has become so popular. Although they may appear similar, there are some distinctive differences between smoking and vaping, and one of the most significant is that vaping is not as harmful to your health as smoking is. Below are the differences between the two, which may encourage you to buy a vape device and quit smoking for good.

The Long-Term Effects Of Smoking

When you smoke a cigarette, it releases over 7,000 different chemicals into your lungs, and over 70 of these are known to be harmful to health and can cause cancer. Smoking can cause impotence in men, and it can also cause congenital disabilities in unborn children. You increase the chances of a cataract when you smoke and can cause blockages in your arteries and veins due to a fatty build-up. As well as the increased risk of cancer, it can also increase your chances of having a stroke and stops your immune system from working correctly.

The Long-Term Effects Of Vaping

There is still a lot of research to be done in this area, and vaping is not without risks or side effects, depending on the e-cig juice you choose to vape. The research that has been done shows that vaping may damage the lungs, but it does depend on the e-liquid you use and the ingredients in it that you use. Vaping can also reduce brain development and weaken the immune system, and it also releases free radicals into the body, which can cause cancer to develop. There is plenty more research required studying vaping in more detail and seeing the damage that it can cause, but when compared with smoking, it is a much safer option for you.

The Cost To Your Pocket

Another significant benefit to vaping over smoking is the overall cost to your wallet, with the price of cigarettes increasing substantially over the last ten years. The average price of a pack of cigarettes in the UK is over £10, so if you smoke twenty a day, you could be spending around £300 a month on the habit. When you compare it to smoking, the cost of vaping is significantly less, with devices being available for as little as £20 and the e-liquid costing a few quid. Giving up smoking and opting to vape instead can save you thousands of pounds over a year, which is a significant incentive for many people to quit.

Do Not Start Either

If you want to remain healthy, you are best to not smoke or vape, which can help keep you in good health and stop you from wasting a lot of money. You should only vape to help you quit smoking, and it is not something that you should start because you see everyone else doing it. Research is still being done on the effects of vaping, so it is best not to start the habit at all, and the same with smoking.

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