Things To Look Out for When Choosing an Accessibility Solution – accessiBe WordPress

Accessibility solutions are becoming more and more important as the population of people with disabilities continues to grow. As a result, many organizations are implementing accessibility solutions like voice recognition software, braille printers, or screen readers for visually impaired people. However, not all these solutions provide the same level of usability for different types of disabilities; some may be very beneficial to one group while being completely useless to another. Therefore it is important that you consider your needs before choosing an accessibility solution like accessiBe WordPress. You should also ensure that any solution you choose helps improve the user experience rather than hindering it by causing frustration or confusion with little return on investment.

This article will help identify what factors you should consider when choosing an accessibility solution so that you can find a solution that meets your needs and expectations.

Identify the type of disability that the solution will help with

It is important to identify which type of disability your organization seeks to support as different disabilities affect people differently. Not all types of accessibility solutions are suitable for every single kind of disability; if you do not consider their needs and expectations, then there may be little benefit from implementing the solution.

For example, screen readers are very beneficial for blind users as they describe the content of what is displayed on the screen out loud, thus allowing them to continue using their computer just like before. However, more recently, audio alternatives have been developed that provide similar information but instead use audio files that can be easily manipulated by sighted users if required. This makes it ideal for blind users who may know how to use their computer but need the content on the screen described to them to troubleshoot if necessary.

Find out what kind of accessibility solution your customers need.

A great way to find out exactly what kind of accessibility solution your customers need is to ask them. This could be in the form of a questionnaire or user focus group, where users who will benefit from an accessibility solution are asked which one they feel would be best for their needs and how they expect it to function. In this way, you can find out what specific features they want, how often it needs to be updated, and the time period in which they are looking for this solution.

Identify whether an accessible theme is enough.

Suppose your organization decides not to purchase a full accessibility solution but rather choose one compatible with WordPress. In that case, you may need to consider the user’s expectations of whether an accessible theme is enough. This will depend on the severity of their disability and whether it is visual, auditory, or movement-based, for example. In some cases, a person’s disability may be so severe that even full support from an accessibility plugin would be insufficient to meet their needs; therefore, you should make sure you are aware of the potential problems they may face when using your WordPress theme.

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