Tips for decorating a small dining room

Many modern homes feature a small dining room. This does not mean that it is unappealing or not functional. Most modern homes feature a small dining room that helps to enhance the appeal of the house. However, you have to be a little careful while designing a small dining room. Otherwise, it appears stuffed and overcrowded. From the furniture pieces, lighting to the colours of the walls, you must pay heed to every element in the dining room. Mentioned below are a few tips that will help you design the perfect small dining room design:

01 of 05 Choose tables that are round

The first thing that comes to mind while speaking of the dining room decor is the dining table. Experts suggest using a round dining table in small dining room ideas. This is because a round table is more space-efficient and hence, can accommodate more people. Make sure that the table you are choosing features pedestal legs so that more guests can rest their feet. Since people sit closer to each other at a round table, it helps to encourage more conversations during dinner or lunch.

02 of 05 Consider opting for benches

In many modern small dining room ideas, you will notice benches. People are choosing benches because they can create more space for your guests. Also, a bench has a very versatile look and hence, it can be used in any dining room design. From contemporary, minimalist to traditional and shabby chic, a bench is the ideal dining room furniture for all types of dining room designs. Besides enhancing the interior design appeal, it can accommodate more guests than chairs. Many benches offer extra storage as well. You can store various items like blankets, utensils, etc. in it to prevent clutter in the house. Choose a vintage bench with storage for traditional setups and consider a floating bench for modern interiors.

03 of 05 Make use of the corners

You may not have a dedicated spot for your dining table in your small dining room. Do not worry! There are other creative ways to incorporate a dining table in your small dining table decor without making it appear stuffed or blocking the traffic. Make use of the corners smartly to fit the dining table in the room. Choose the corner that receives more natural light and set your dining table there. There are two ways to set up the dining space. The easier way is to place the table right into the corner and then position the chairs around it. If you can put in a little effort, you can recreate a banquette seating arrangement using benches. Add the table and position a few chairs on the other sides.

04 of 05 Always add mirrors

You must always consider adding mirrors to your small dining room idea. It can do miracles to any small setup. To begin with, the reflection on the mirror can make the space appear twice its original size. Also, mirrors reflect more light and make the space appear brighter. Hence, the interiors will appear well-lit at all times. Depending on your preferences, you can choose a large mirror or hang a group of small mirrors together on the wall. To add more character to the setup, consider opting for aesthetically appealing frames. Also, if you are planning to hang a group of mirrors, choose mirrors of different sizes and shapes. It will give your interiors a quirky element.

05 of 05 Ensure that the colours do not appear overwhelming

The colours you use in the dining room have a huge impact on the overall appeal. There are various options available that you can opt for. However, you must be careful when you are choosing colours for a small space. If you want to incorporate bold colours and patterns, always ensure that they are minimal. Creating one accent wall in the room is sufficient. To give the space a more airy feel, use light colours for the walls and choose decorative items that feature complementing tones. Neutral and earthy tones are considered perfect for compact places. Make sure you use the same approach while choosing linen colours for your dining room decor.

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