Tips For Saving On Car Rentals    

Today, you don’t need to get scared of the price of getting a new car, just rent one! Not only have there been increases in rates and additional charges, but also large rental companies have reduced their fleets, so there are fewer cars available. But do not despair, with our advice, you can get reasonable car rental offers.

1. Compare prices

First, find out the daily cost of a car on sites. Then, check the rates that car rental businesses offer on their websites. Check that all quotes you compare include additional charges (such as extra drivers) and taxes. You’ll also find discount coupons.

2. Do not accept the “extras”

Additional insurance coverage, fuel recharge charges, and leasing of GPS equipment can ruin the rental price of a vehicle. What’s worse, keep in mind that the rental agency staff is trained to inflate the sale, in a way that can make you feel fearful if, for example, you don’t have adequate insurance. If you are a car owner, ask your insurance agent to give you your policy information in writing regarding coverage in case of rentals.

3. Reserve in advance, a small car  

Making a reservation in advance usually allows you to get better car rental rates. Unless you travel with a large group of people or with a lot of luggage, book a small, cheaper car with better gas mileage. As this type of vehicles is not very quoted, companies fill their rental lots with larger vehicles. If small cars run out, you could take a larger one without charge.

4. Know the prices

Sometimes, the fact of renting for five days allows you to get a cheaper weekly rate. If, for example, you do not need the car on Thursday, except to transfer from the airport to the hotel, check if you can get the cheapest weekend rate by removing the vehicle from Friday. Finally, sign up for “loyal customer programs.” These programs are usually free and will help you avoid long queues when removing the vehicle, and get discounts and benefits.

5. Have in mind the policies

Car Rentals in toronto airport area is very convenient, but it may cost you more. Instead, you will save money if you remove and return the car in the city. When you remove the vehicle, use your camera to document the inspection. Verify that the inspector records if there is any damage before you leave with the car. Introduce yourself early at the place of return, as the wait can be long.

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