With the way laser technology has dominated the market, introducing laser treatments in your clinic is the best way to improve your revenue. However, a laser machine is not cheap to acquire. You have the option to buy or rent one, but making the wrong decision can impact your growth and finances. Remember that laser technologies have been evolving, so you don’t want an outdated machine that costs you longer treatment times. Here are some considerations to make beforehand.

Renting a laser

Renting a laser provides a cost-effective way of venturing into the laser market. In other words, you are outsourcing your practice’s laser services, which can significantly boost your revenue. One of the reasons why renting a laser may seem like an ideal option is when you have limited space. In the modern age, space is a limited commodity, and renting a laser can help you transform your expensive clinic space into a thriving center as you practice with today’s cutting-edge technology.

The best part about renting lasers is that your practice offloads all the preventative maintenance needs. The laser rental company is responsible for all laser repair and maintenance needs, and you have an advantage if it regularly upgrades to newer technology.

Additionally, reliable laser rental agencies provide education regarding laser operation and in-service training with certifications. If you don’t wish to work with the laser, the company can supply a certified technician to operate it, ensuring all the safety standards are met.

Generally, renting a laser gives you access to highly advanced laser equipment when you need it without the associated initial capital, maintenance costs, and risks of machine obsolescence. However, you have to pay a rental fee which you may not be sure whether you will recover, especially if it is the first time introducing laser treatments in your facility.

Buying a laser

Buying a laser is a worthy investment for your facility, especially with a target audience. By investing in your laser, you don’t have to worry about significant rental fees affecting your profit margin. Remember that renting a laser can increase your cost of doing business on a day since you have to treat many patients to break even. Rental prices vary from $800-$2000 for half or full days, and you may not be able to break even if you don’t have many clients.

Therefore owning a system purchased from Sentient Lasers gives you a greater advantage in the profit margin. Although the initial cost of buying one is not cheap, the benefits outweigh the investment in the long run. Besides, various options are available for laser investments, including leasing or purchasing a used one.

Buying a laser means you have technology available anytime for the convenience of your patients, which can boost your revenue by 20-30%. Not owning the equipment risks losing patients who cannot wait until you have the machine.

The takeaway

Since a laser also needs maintenance, you should also account for maintenance costs when deciding whether to rent or buy.

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