Top 9 Reasons To Visit Egypt

#1 Admire the Culture and Exotic Art

Let’s start with the most obvious reason: Egypt is renowned for its rich history and is one of the most beautiful and fascinating countries when it comes to ancient civilisation. With a quick booking on Egypt Escapes, you can go and see that Egypt provides extensive cultural experiences; it is home to iconic landmarks like the Luxor Temple, the Pyramids of Giza, The Valley of the Kings, Egyptian Museum, and many famous cities including Aswan, Cairo, Sharm-El-Sheikh, Luxor, and more. These cities also make up the reason why Egypt is a great country to visit.

#2 Experience a Spiritual Rebirth

Leave behind the hustle-and-bustle of city life, and enter a place of serene spirituality. Egypt offers some beautiful “places of worship” allowing you to open your mind while spending quiet and valuable time in mosques such as Ibn Tulun, the Mosque of Muhammad Ali, the Amr IBN alias, along with temples like Kalabsha, Temple of Kom Ombo, Luxor Temple and more.

#3 Exciting Desert Safaris

If you have never visited Egypt before, quad biking or camel rides across the western desert is one of the many reasons why people visit this country. Take the family along for camel rides across famous deserts of Egypt, such as the Sinai Desert, the Great Sand Sea, Eastern Desert, Blue Desert, and the Libyan Desert for thrilling adventures. This is also a great way to get away from the crowds in the cities and to explore and enjoy these deserts in Egypt to their fullest.

#4 Top-Rated Restaurants, Resorts, and Hotels

Fascinating untouched beaches and serene land, along with a country packed with cultural treasures, Egypt has so much to offer. From several ancient sites to luxurious hotels and resorts such as the Four Seasons Resort. Hurghada Marriot Beach Resort, and the Dreams Beach Resort, there are many options to choose from when you are searching for world-class accommodation. Explore the diverse and interesting tastes at a popular restaurant or enjoy the amenities at one of the beach resorts that offer diving and snorkelling opportunities.

#5 Enjoy the Thrill of Sailing Along the River Nile

Explore some of the mysteries of this ancient underwater land by enjoying the extensive marine life, and discovering underwater treasures while you sail the mighty River Nile.

#6 Beautiful Beaches of Egypt

After you have done exploring the interesting part of ancient Egypt, you might be interested in places where you can spend your time relaxing in a calm and serene environment. Egypt is one of the best places for lovers of water sports and is also the home to a few of the top-rated beaches across the globe. Some include Hurghada Beach, Gharam Beach, Cleopatra’s Beach, and Agiba Beach. There are also many adrenaline-pumping activities to choose from.

#7 Find Treasures to Take Home When Shopping in Khan-el-Khalili

Your visit to Cairo would not be complete without a visit to the Khan-el-Khalili bazaar, a popular paradise for people that love to shop. From souvenirs, statues, spices, clothes, to silver jewellery, you will find everything packed under one roof. When you are finished with your shopping try the traditional tea on offer at Fishawi’s Cafe.

#8 An Awe-Inspiring Hot Air Balloon Ride

Take advantage of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity where you can take in all the historical and ancient sights from high up in the air. The hot air balloon rides provide views across the majestic Egypt landscapes, ancient temples, and burial grounds.

#9 Restaurants and the Nightlife

During the day you can explore the traditional and historical places of Egypt, but many people are not aware of the nightlife. Over and above the culture and art, Egypt is brimming with nightlife hotspots. Even though Egypt is not regarded as a big party destination, there are many bars, restaurants, and clubs to choose from.

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