Traynor Capital Management Reviews – Tips For First Time Investors

Investing for the first time can be a daunting experience and whilst at the back of your mind you know that you are making a smart move, putting money into this kind of thing can still be unnerving. I was in this boat 4 years ago and have learned an awful lot during that time. I have made some mistakes along the way —none of which thankfully have lost me money — which I want to pass on so that you can avoid making them too. I would never claim to be able to give financial advice, but here are some tips which you could follow based on what I have learned.

Using a Capital Management Company

I was struggling on my own in the beginning, for around 2 years, with varying levels of success. One day during some research I found the Traynor Capital Management reviews, and my fortunes quickly changed. They were an asset management company which will basically make your life easier. These guys are pros in what they do and you can hand off your investments to them. You will still have control over your investments but they will be executed by the teams who know more about them than most of us ever could.

Learning Your Market

It sounds strange to say but it is absolutely critical that you know what you are investing in before you do. For example back in 2018 I had friends who were telling me to get into crypto, which was booming at the time. I honestly felt that I just had no concept of what was going on, and so I dipped out. In the months that followed my friends continued to make gains, and then the whole thing crashed down. During the years that followed I brushed up on this market and am seeing some nice gains now, but it could have been very different. Always ensure you have good knowledge about your market before investing.

Have Goals

Investing just to ‘make money’ is far too broad a statement to make regarding what you are looking to actually make, which is why goals are a great idea. Think about what exactly you are trying to make money for, as this will help to guide your decisions when buying and selling. Your goals will be personal to you of course, but setting them out at an early stage is the perfect way to manage your investments and your expectations.


You have probably heard this before but I have witnessed first hand what can happen if you fail to diversify. It didn’t cost me much thankfully, but last year I almost got caught out by the pandemic as I had bought quite a few shares in the leisure and tourism sector, which of course had an awful year. If I only had shares in this sector, I would have had a lot of problems indeed, hence the importance of spreading out your investments.

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