Ways to Calm Down an Energetic Dog

Dogs are a lot of fun, and part of the appeal is that they are little balls of energy. But it can sometimes get way too much. Some dogs are overly energetic, and this can eventually lead to them becoming aggressive or worse. So, how do you deal with bad behaviour? Here are some tips to help you calm your dog down.

Take them for training

Dogs who are overly energetic will need boundaries to be set. This can be difficult for owners, as they may not know how to control their dog or get them into line when they are bouncing around. Dog training can help when they are being difficult, and it means you can feel more in control in difficult situation. The right dog training can even save your dog’s life. If they learn skills such as recall, you can get them out of dangerous situations.

Ensure they are getting enough walks

The amount that dogs will need to be walked will depend on their size or breed. Bigger, working breed dogs will need a lot of walks, while smaller dogs may be happy with a stroll. If you can’t walk your dog regularly, you’ll need to employ a dog walker to do so.

Walks are important to dogs, because:

  • They burn off energy
  • They allow dogs to explore and be stimulated
  • They help with socialisation
  • Dogs need to be able to leave the house

If you have a dog with too much energy, it may simply be that they aren’t getting enough time to walk, so make sure you take them out more often.

Find boredom busting toys

Dogs with a lot of energy often lack stimulation. It’s not just physical exercise, but things like human interaction and playing with toys can wear them out. If your dog is causing destruction because they’re too lively, invest in some boredom busting toys that challenge your dog and make them use their brain. From mats to shaky toys, there are lots of toys designed especially for dogs that keep them entertained. This is a good idea if you’re leaving them alone for long periods too.

Dogs are supposed to be energetic, but if it’s getting to a point where the zoomies never stop, you may want to look at ways to keep their energy under control. From long walks to stimulating toys, there’s lots you can do to help your dog’s behaviour.

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