Soft tissue is injured after it suffers a trauma, it could be through a sudden force or a repetitive strain. It is one of the most common injuries that one sustains in a motor vehicle accident. Contusions or sprains, strains and bruising are the most common types of soft tissues injuries. Whiplash, occurs when a person’s neck moves abruptly from one side to other or forward and then backwards due to a sudden force, resulting in soft tissues of the neck overextending beyond their limits. Car Accident Lawyer Ottawa Yegendorf and Associates will help you fight for your claim if you have suffered from a soft tissue injury.

Different types of soft tissue injuries

  1. Sprains: It involves overstretching or tearing of ligaments or tendons. They are typically categorized into three grades. Grade 1 is a minor sprain. Whereas, Grade 3 is a severe sprain, which involves significant injury to the ligament, muscles, tendons or joint. Swelling, pain, stiffness and joint instability in weight-bearing joints are few symptoms of a sprain. A strain or a sprain could take anywhere between a few weeks to years. One may even be left with the injury for the lifetime.
  2. Contusion Injury: the bruising happens due to blood pooling as the muscles and tissues have been crushed from a sudden force or crushing of the body against the motor vehicle. It is one of the most common injuries in motor vehicle accidents.

What to do if you have been in a motor vehicle accident?

In case of a motor vehicle accident, immediate medical care is highly recommended so that the injury is handled properly. It also helps to avoid any potential permanent damage to the soft tissues. Medical strategies could range from basic RICE to bracing or surgical intervention, depending upon the impact of the injury. The doctor would examine you for pain, tenderness, swelling, bruising, stiffness and range of motion. X-rays, MRIs and CTs would help the doctor to determine the type of injury.

Difficulties faced while making an insurance claim for soft tissue injuries:

Lack of physical medical evidence beyond the initial assessment for an acute injury is one of the most common difficulties that is faced. Most of the times, the victim of the motor vehicle accident is not believed in order to avoid paying out more than the minimum injury insurance payout.

In a motor vehicle collision, the extent of the soft tissue injury possible to various parts like hands, wrists, neck, back and knees, there is a potential for life long damage, pain and complications. In such a situation it is highly recommended to contact a personal injury lawyer, so that they can document the relevant details of the collision as well as your medical symptoms, in order to make your case for the claim stronger.

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